Instrumentation & Control Systems


Power Flame will design and construct your burner management system and integrate it with your selected operating components. The result is a factory tested combustion / management package with single source responsibility. Computer-aided design provides flexibility of system and component selection at a very affordable price. An outline of basic operating requirements will produce a computer-generated design that will meet state-of-the-art in burner management system operations. The Model DC-4-AS Sequence Overfire Draft Control monitors and controls either positive or negative combustion chamber environments. The standard system incorporates an adjustable starting draft, auto-open damper selector switch, low draft cutoff with adjustable time delay, controller/pressure LED readout and damper actuator assembly. Optional features include stack temperature monitor with digital LED display, and linear damper actuator assembly. Power Flame’s packaged systems provide lead/lag operation for multiple burner installations. These vary in complexity from the relatively simple, multi-pressure/temperature controlled configurations - Type SL, LL, and ML - To the more sophisticated, single pressure/temperature, proportioning time response systems - Type PL. All lead/lag control systems can be integrated into the master burner management control panels, packaged separately for individual wall/surface mounting or, where space is available, incorporated in to the integral burner mounted control panel. For more information on the Instrumentation and Control Systems, or any Power Flame product, click the "Customer Service" button and request more information.


a_control_panel dc4_panel

Control Panel


DC4 Draft Controls
sync-matic_hmi_touch_screen_lead_lag_sys sync-matic_hmi_touch_screen_lead_lag_sys_2


Sync-Matic HMI touch screen Lead Lag System


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