Fuel Gas

Capacity 300,000 - 2,200,000 BTU/HR.

NPM Burner

Power Flame's NOVA Premix Burner

NOVA Premix is a full premix burner for Sub. 30 PPM NOx applications without flue gas recirculation, for use with natural or L.P. gas. Proven NOx control for small to medium commercial/industrial applications. The NOVA Premix Gas Burner employs a fully premixed, high swirl stabilized combustion technology to provide proven low NOx solutions - Sub 30 PPM - without the use FGR for commercial, industrial and process applications. Sub 20 PPM operation, at slightly higher excess levels, can be achieved on many applications. Premixing fuel and air assure complete combustion with minimal levels of CO and unburned hydrocarbons. The unique stainless steel high swirl diffuser guarantees reliable and consistent performance at the operating conditions necessary to provide low NOx emissions.

The NOVA Premix is a simple, cost effective, field proven system designed to meet today's most stringent emission requirements. Power Flame provides a U.L. Listed, factory tested package tailored to your job specific requirements. The NOVA Premix is suitable for use on all types of boiler and other heat exchanger applications. It will operate with uniform heat flux and excellent flame stability over a broad range of operating conditions.