Responsible for the compilation of information and records in the preparation of purchase orders for the procurement of material.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following.  Other duties may be assigned, as requested or required:

  1. Verifies nomenclature and specifications of purchase requests.
  2. Searches inventory records of office supplies to determine if material on hand is of sufficient quality.
  3. Consults catalogs and contacts suppliers to obtain prices and specifications.
  4. Produces invitation to bid forms and mails forms to suppliers or for public posting.
  5. Produces purchase orders and distributes to the supplier and the originating department.
  6. Compares prices, specifications and delivery dates and awards the contract to bidders or places orders with suppliers or mail order firms.
  7. Expediter
  8. Buyer/Planner Trainee  More info...


Responsible for the design of new products up to full production. This includes specification reviews, design reviews, electrical designs, documentation packages, pre-production builds and transfers to production.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following.  Other duties may be assigned, as requested or required:

  1. Work up of burner orders
  2. Reviewing entire order checking for errors and /or conflicting information.
  3. Generating orders using and modifying standard bills and mini bills.
  4. Adding items listed on the burner order form, pricing sheets, quotations, cross references charts and other available information.
  5. Locating oil and gas diagrams and locates, creating or modifying new wiring diagrams.
  6. Contacting customer when parts on the order form do not contain a function.
  7. Sending order to data entry for commitment.
  8. Rework orders, after approvals, when customer has a change of mind or the original information was incorrect.
  9. Generating change orders when necessary regardless of the origin of the error.
  10. Providing support and direction to the Manufacturing Department via special notification forms and direct communication with production personnel concerning parts numbers and the comment section of the cover sheet.
  11. Engineering conversion diagrams and providing technical support to CSD on changes to be made to burners in the field per the customer’s request.  More info...




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Because we are a premier employer, many people express interest in working for us.  As we have job openings, we search for appropriate skill sets and desirable behaviors.  Then we check references and at least two references are required before a person is called for a possible interview.

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