Linkageless Control

PowerFlame offers a variety of linkageless systems designed to control the air and fuel ratio of the burner more closely than a conventional linkage type system. Individually driven servos ensure the fuel and air are mixed more precisely over the entire operating range of the burner thus reducing the excess oxygen required to achieve complete combustion. Lower excess oxygen levels result in more efficient combustion and a significant reduction in fuel costs.

The burner shown above is fitted with the Honeywell ControLinks system designed to operate the air in parallel with the fuel. As a dual fuel system you can program separate fuel/air ratio curves for the gaseous and liquid fuels. This burner is also designed to reduce NOx emissions by inducing a small amount of flue gas to limit the peak flame temperatures. The ControLinks system includes a separate servo to control the induced FGR in conjunction with the air and fuel. These programmable features are common with similar systems manufactured by Fireye, Auto Flame and Siemens. PowerFlame offers all of these systems on a majority of our burners.


Vendor Supplied Components