The VaricamĀ® characterized cam actuated fuel metering device provides adjustable and accurate repeatable fuel-air ratio throughout the full firing range of burner operation. The Varicam system has been designed to meet the growing requirement for more sophisticated fuel-air ratio control of commercial/industrial burners. The U.L. listed system is capable of providing constant air-fuel ratios or a linearly adjusted air-fuel ratio for single or dual fuel applications.

Each fuel system control is durably constructed with hardened steel components. Fourteen separately adjustable cam development setpoints allow for infinite adjustments of the movement of the fuel metering device to maintain optimum fuel-air ratios from low to high fire settings. The cam follower provides smooth movement over the cam setpoints, and is equipped with a double spring set to ensure maximum reliability. All bearing points are supplied with oil impregnated bronze bushings that ensure dependable operation with no field lubrication. The Varicam design combines simplicity of operation with the sophistication of characterized fuel metering control. For more information on the Varicam, or for any other Power Flame product, click the "Customer Service" button and request Bulletin VA-0909.